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Protect your handyman profits in Little Rock, AR with a good insurance plan. With a 51% increase in housing builds over 2019 alone, there’s work to be done. Does your policy give coverage for all your insurance needs?

Any contractor knows the value of insurance. However, Builder’s Risk may not be the first policy to spring to a handyman’s mind. But, at 1-5% of job costs, it is, in fact, a cheap, easy way to save your business money. This article looks at 3 risks Little Rock handymen face, and how Builder’s Risk protects against them.


Protect your Handyman Profits in Little Rock, AR


  1. Theft 

    Theft is the most common cause of third-party loss in construction.  In fact, one-fifth of claims are for theft.  And it’s estimated to lose the industry up to $1 billion a year. Thus, an easy way to protect your handyman profits in Little Rock, AR is to safeguard expensive tools.  Especially considering the city’s 67-in-1000-residents rate of property crime is among the highest in America.Standard Builder’s Risk gives coverage for theft and vandalism. It can even be extended to give coverage for your equipment at a temporary location. At Contractor’s Liability, we focus exclusively on contractors and subcontractors. We’ll supply quick, no-obligation quotes on low-cost Little Rock policies that give your business the best coverage.

  2. Damage to Property

    Wind, rain, hail and fire can mean harsh losses for handymen too. Weather damage to expensive tools can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fires cost the construction industry $300 million in losses in 2018 because of the near-instant damage they do to materials and equipment.

    Commercial construction hit $49 million in Little Rock in 2018. Today’s jobs need much more than a hammer and saw, and any damages can be deadly for earnings. Insuring against these losses with well-considered Builder’s Risk is a simple way to protect your handyman profits in Little Rock, AR. Licensed in Arkansas, with 20 years of market experience, Contractor’s Liability will find top insurance to suit your specific business and needs.

  3. Going Above and Beyond

    As you surely know, the modern handyman’s remit is always changing.  More and more clients hire handymen to carry out fencing, landscaping, painting and countless other jobs that used to be given to specific subcontractors. This is especially true for large, residential-rich metro areas like Little Rock, whose single and multi-family housing markets both saw sharp growth in 2019.

A basic Builder’s Risk policy protects outdoor work from weather and theft. Simple extensions offer protection for temporary structures like scaffolding and elevators. They can also give coverage for business-specific needs like green building, pollutant cleanup and debris removal. It depends on the type of work you usually undertake.

Speak to the Experts

The easiest way to protect your handyman profits in Little Rock, AR is to get your insurance from professionals who know the area and the industry inside out. At Contractor’s Liability, we have thousands of five-star reviews and an A+ with BBB. We guarantee you the best coverage at the lowest price. Call us on 866-225-1950.

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