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Every contractor’s job is risky and getting a workers compensation from your employer can help you out in case of an accident.

If you get injured or get into an accident on the job, workers compensation can take care of medical treatments, payments for the time off while you recover, compensation payment for any disability you incurred caused by the injury, and job retraining if you will be unable to return to your old job.

Some states are requires to have workers compensation companies to pay for these benefits especially when a worker is under recovery, they should take care of the disability payment.  Medical payment begin immediately after filing a workers compensation claim. If you were hurt on the job, report the injury to your employer and make an appointment with the doctor right away to get treatment and documentation for your condition. If you haven’t gotten a workers compensation yet but already received the bills, you need to file a workers compensation immediately and then send a copy of the medical bills to your employer or his insurance company for processing.

Temporary disability benefits will not start until your claim has been formally approved. Before you receive your check for workers compensation benefits, your will get a notice that your claim has either been denied or approved. If your claim has been denied, you may appeal to that notice.

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