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It is likely you are the kind of person that loves fixing your stuffs by yourself, but some tasks such as plumbing require certain level of expertise that you may not be able to boast of. However, there are some things you need to know before hiring a professional plumbing company.

1. How good is it?

Before hiring a plumbing company, it is essential to first find out about the capability of such. Search for and make a list of some companies that you feel could deliver. Seek out reviews of those that catch your interest and ask the companies for references that could attest to their expertise.

2. Does the company have necessary licenses and permits?

Qualified plumbers are trained tradespeople with licenses as proof of their qualification to practice. You should therefore ensure you work with a company that is adequately licensed. All necessary permits to work must also be available.


3. How much to pay?

You also need to know early enough the total cost for your project to avoid issues later on. It may also be helpful to ask the company you wish to hire to come and assess the job. Whatever estimates you are given, ask to know if they are based on hourly or flat rates.

4. How about timelines?

You also need to ask the professional plumbing company you will be dealing with about how long you should expect your project to take before completion. This will ensure you have a definite time in focus to help keep the company on its toes.

5. What can I supply?

If you are interested in supplying fixtures, ask the plumbing company for specification. You may end up wasting your money if, for example, these fixtures turned out to be of substandard quality.

6. Who’s working?

It may also be relevant to know the person that will be working on your project. You will do well to know about the skills and experience of such a professional.

7. What if something goes wrong?

It is also important to ask the plumbing company what will happen if something goes wrong in the course of the project. It helps to have a written warranty or guarantee that can help ensure issues are resolved.

8. Whose responsibility is it to tidy things up?

You will do well to know before hiring a professional plumbing company the party that will be responsible for cleaning up. Some companies simply do their work and leave all the dirt and scraps for you to deal with. This can be quite annoying.

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