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The short answer is, No. Roofer’s insurance does not cover employee injuries. This brings up 2 important questions. Firstly, then why should you bother to get roofers insurance? And secondly, what insurance policy does cover employee injuries? 


So why is Roofer’s Insurance important?


Roofer’s Insurance is specialized liability insurance. Therefore, it is a must-have to protect your roofing company. In most states in the U.S., a liability insurance of this nature is a necessity. Hence, it is likely that your roofing company will not be permitted to step onto a construction site without the relevant liability insurance coverage in place. Consequently, Roofers Insurance is that important.


But, this still doesn’t answer the question: What does Roofers Insurance cover?


What does Roofer’s Insurance cover?


Roofers insurance may not cover employee injuries. However, this kind of coverage protects your business from the financial implications of claims made by a third party. 


Irrespective of precautions and safety protocols you may have put in place, visitors to the job site can get injured in an accident. For instance, materials may fall.  As such, your client or a visitor to the site may trip over roofing equipment or materials that were not safely stored.


5 Serious reasons to get Roofers Insurance


Some of the liabilities Roofers Insurance covers your business for include:

  1. Bodily Injury

Includes injury to other persons at your business or on your client’s property

  1. Property Damages

Includes damages to the property under construction or other related damages

  1. Personal Injury

Includes damages to the client as a result of property mismanagement or not adhering to client instruction

  1. Advertising Injury

Includes damages caused to a person or business as a result of advertising

  1. Medical Payments

Includes payment of medical expenses to a person injured on the job site. Consequently, this does not refer to an employee.


Roofers Insurance does not cover employee injuries


Roofing Insurance coverage protects roofing contractors from damages to third parties. Furthermore, Workers Compensation, on the other hand, provides your employees with much-needed protection from medical payments and bodily damages in the event of an accident.


Employees working high-risk construction jobs face a higher risk of injury and accidents on the job. Hence, this is why Workers Compensation insurance is so important for roofing contractors. Furthermore, Workers Compensation insurance covers employees who become sick or injured while on the job.


Workers Compensation is a legal requirement


In most states in the U.S., contractors are under obligation by law to provide Workers Compensation insurance cover for all your employees. 


Workers Compensation insurance covers:

  • Medical Benefits
  • Rehabilitation Benefits
  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Disability Benefits
  • Death
  • Coverage for Legal Defense


Where can you get Roofers Insurance with Workers Compensation?


It is possible to have complete coverage for your roofing business. Thus it pays to talk to insurance agents who specialize in contractor insurance. For more information, contact Contractors Liability or call us at (866) 225-1950 for a 5-minute quote. Moreover, we will get you the best rate for Roofers Insurance with Workers Compensation coverage.

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